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Posted on October 19, 2017 by jo

Beautiful Bordering....

Fall is officially upon us, and of course, I must remind you that FALL IS FOR PLANTING.  Why?  Because the plants get established a little before the following summer and just seem to be able to make it through in much better shape than if they were just planted in the spring.  Besides ornamental and shade trees, do you know what is a great thing to plant in the fall?  Plants to border and screen your property!!!!  Yes, folks, we want you to have more privacy even if you don't.  Now, c'mon....why on earth do you want to sit on your deck or patio and be able to see right over to your neighbor's back yard? You might see something you don't want to see or visa-versa (just sayin').    SO, there is an easy fix for this, just strategically locate plants to block a view or give you a sense of enclosure and privacy.  When most people hear the word "hedge", they are thinking of something very formal that requires a lot of work.  But hedges do not have to be formal nor do they need to line your entire property to do a good job.  Well-placed evergreen trees like spruce, hemlock, arborvitae and pine can do a wonderful job of not only screening a view but blocking the wind as well.  There are many deciduous shrubs that make beautiful border plantings and offer seasonal color in the way of blooms, fruit and fall color.  Viburnums, forsythia, hydrangea,  lilac, burning bush, forsythia all can get a bit large to use near the house but work great out on the edge of a property where they can get a little bigger. 

Different plants prefer different growing conditions, so make sure you choose plants that are going to be happy in the place where you want to plant them.  Come see us, we will help you decide on which plants to choose to hide your neighbor's rusty '69 Mustang from view, even if he swears he's going to get that thing restored one of these years.

Off to hug the pine tree that hides my neighbor's barn - Jodie

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