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Posted on April 24, 2018 by jo

E.A.B. - Extremely Awful Bug!!!

E.A.B.- Emerald Ash Borer is an Extremely Awful Bug!!!  This is the most evil, destructive pest that we have had to deal with in many, many years.  A lot of older folks remember the blights that killed nearly all of the Chestnuts and Elms in the whole country.....well, this bug is every bit as bad and I'm telling you about it now because valuable trees CAN be saved if treated this time of year.

Emerald Ash Borer is a real pain in the ash (HA! I crack myself up, couldn't wait to use that one!) and is an invasive Asian beetle.  It first showed its ugly green face in the Detroit, Michigan area in the early '90's and has been moving into surrounding states.  Much has been done to stop that movement, one is the restriction of firewood transportation which many of you may have experienced when camping in our state park system.  Another is the ban on sales and growth of new ash trees, which was a VERY sad day for us in the nursery and landscape business.  Ash are totally AWESOME, adaptable, and beautiful.  They have feather-like compound leaves made up of 7 or more leaflets and usually have clusters of paddle-shaped seeds called samaras on their branches. White Ash have gorgeous purple fall coloration and Green Ash turn a bright gold.  They are native and many can be seen growing in local wooded areas and near lakes and waterways.  These will be lost unfortunately but those we have planted in our yards that are in valuable locations and are vigorously growing should ABSOLUTELY be treated.

Homeowners can successfully protect healthy ash trees.  If your trees is less than 60" around at a height of 4-5' above the ground, a soil drench containing 1.47% imadicloprid (also known as Merit) can be applied around the base of the tree in the early spring.  This chemical can be found in a Bayer product called Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Insect Control or a Fertilome product called Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench, which we keep on hand here at the nursery.  Both are easily found at most garden centers and home improvement stores.  Trees can usually be treated for less than $40.  The chemical is translocated up the tree to the leaves and then the nasty critters are poisoned when they chew on them, killing them before they have a chance to lay their eggs in the bark of the tree.  The is where the real damage happens...the eggs hatch, become hungry larvae that tunnel, destroying the vascular system of the tree and killing it.  Larger trees need to be treated by a professional.  They use other chemicals that have restricted use and will also be able to use special equipment.

If you have any beautiful ash trees on your property, you only have a couple of choices.  Spend a little $ now and try to save them from this invader or spend a lot later to have your trees taken down.  Sad but true.  Check out Purdue's VERY informative website to learn more.  Or give us a call here at the nursery if you have any questions, we do keep the product needed to treat these trees in stock.  Come and see us and we'll be SO happy to help you save an ash tree!!!

Off to hug my gorgeous Ash tree, I promise I will treat it.......Jodie



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