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Posted on November 25, 2015 by jo

Still Talking 'Bout Bulbs

Well, I guess I'm not done talking about bulbs yet.  I was reading a book from my hort library called Fallscaping and the author, Stephanie Cohen (who I have seen speak, she is quite an interesting lady) had a page in her book about planting buls in pots which I want to pass on to you.  I have never done this particular thing but am going to try it this year.  Maybe we can compare notes next spring. 

Stephanie says you can plant bulbs in pots in the fall, overwinter them in your garage or bury them in the ground (pots and all) and then have a burst of spring color right up next to your front door or on your deck or wherever you want it!  Now my way of getting this done in the past has been to just go down and dig up a bunch of dafs as they pop up out of the ground, replant them in my pots and add some pansies and maybe some myrtle for a pretty spring color combo.  Or you can buy bulbs at a store that are coming up already and plant them in your pots but that can get a little costly.  So to save some money, let's try this.  Get some plastic pots that can later be slipped into your nicer clay or ceramic pots in the spring.  Pots that are 6-8 inches in diameter will use about 6 larger bulbs or a dozen or so small bulbs.  10-12' pots can hold about a dozen daffs or tulips.  Put enough potting soil in the container so that after you place the bulbs in they will be covered with they appropriate depth of soil, which should be about 3 times the size of the bulb (ex. a 2" bulb will be covered with about 6" of soil).  You can try laying the pots with different size bulbs.  For example, plant the bigger bulbs first and then add some soil and add your small bulbs like crocus or those ADORABLE dward dafs, making sure that you cover the top layer with at least an inch of potting soil.  This will extend the show by a week or so.  After planting, water thoroughly then set the pots into a cool spot (ideally 33 to 40 degrees, an unheated porch or garage could work inside, outside group the pots up close to the foundation or bury them in the ground).  Move them to the porch in early spring, or if you want even earlier color, move them inside the house after they have been "chillin' out" for 10-12 weeks.  You can have tulips in February if you want to, it's up to you.  Check out the results that you might have, isn't this just LOVELY? 

Off to give this little project a try....Jodie


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