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Posted on April 7, 2017 by jo


In the's a phrase used in the restaurant business and it means when, as a server,  you have too many tables and you can't keep up with orders.  Well, in the nursery and landscaping business, we are "in the weeds" during the springtime. We are SO busy, and it seems that everything needs to be done at once.  But one of the things that we all need to do during these few weeks is something to prevent weeds so that we are not literally "in the weeds".

So, the weed prevention products that we most commonly use are called pre-emergent herbicides.  Their MO is to keep weed seeds from germinating.  They will do absolutely nothing to established perennial weeds with exisiting root systems.  We worry about having weeds in our pampered bluegrass lawns and in our landscape beds.  First, I will discuss lawns.  There are two things that need to be done in the spring.  GET CRABGRASS PREVENTER APPLIED before these annual weeds (they die in the winter, can only come back by re-seeding) get a chance to become re-established.  If you don't get it under control in the spring before it comes up, you may be out of luck for the rest of the summer since post-emergent control is not nearly as effective.  But remember this.... crabgrass preventer can NOT determine the difference between bluegrass seed and crabgrass seed, so do NOT attempt to over-seed your lawn and apply crabgrass control in the same season.  There is a product called Tupersan that can be used when seeding, but it is VERY expensive and will break your lawn budget.  The other thing that you can do in the spring, a little later, is apply a post-emergent broadleaf control on dandelions and other broadleaves in your lawns when they are actively growing, preferably before they go to seed.  Broadleaves are better controlled in the fall but spring is the second best time. 

Controlling weeds in your landscape beds can be done a couple of ways also.  First thing to do, early in the spring, is to get that Preen applied.  The chemical in Preen is called Treflan, it is also available in other weed prevention products.   It is safe to use around most landscape plants but always read the label first or check the Preen website.  This product will keep any weeds seeds that are already in the beds or that may blow into the beds later in the season from germinating and coming up.  For any existing perennial weeds, as soon as they start growing in the spring, try to spot-spray them with Round-up, which will be translocated down to the roots and kill them.  Don't try to pull them, unless you know that you can get all of the roots.  You will be wasting time and effort.

Get your pre-emergent products on this spring and stay outa the weeds, OK?  Remember, he who hesitates is destined to bend over. A lot.

Off to hug my tree....Jodie







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