Twig Tips by Jodie

Posted on March 20, 2018 by jo

An Inspired Spring!

It's here!  We made it!  Today is the Vernal Equinox, the first day of spring. To me, it is the first day of another busy season and this year is a special one.  I feel more inspired because I was able to enjoy an early taste of the season, having just returned from a trip to Europe a few days ago. They were a couple weeks ahead of us in the part of Germany that I visited and the daffs and crocus were in bloom, along with the beautiful Cornelian Cherry Dogwoods.  I just couldn't wait to get back and start digging! And for those of us that love our gardens and the act of gardening, every spring is a new start.  Usually, it involves additions to our gardens...more beds and pots, new varieties of shrubs and perennials and a tree or two (the RIGHT tree in the RIGHT place, where have you heard that before? Hmmmm).  We have a new chance to get it right...but the thing about gardening is that we never get it completely right because there is no such thing!  Part of gardening is experimentation and trial and error, that truly is part of the challenge.  HOWEVER - and this is the point of this blog - we do need to get the BIG stuff right.  Planning and vision are required.  We are creating with a living, growing medium and we HAVE to plan for the future or pay the price.  It WILL cost money down the road to change your mind.  I'm a trained landscape designer with a degree and years of experience under my belt (never mind how many years...just take my word for it).  So, once again this spring, I'm going to encourage everyone to reach out to us, take advantage of our experience and educations, and ASK PLEASE.  We want to help you, we've been offering to help you since 1927.  This ad was published in our local paper back in the fifties, I think, and our founder Ray Price was passionate about helping people do it right.  Back in those days, the only place you could buy a tree was from a nurseryman, there weren't any big box stores, or Amazon (yes folks, you can buy a tree on Amazon...)and although you can buy plants there, you can't get advice. Price Nurseries no longer has a garden center but we are a plant center, we have retail hours and a great selection of plants.  We will spend time with you and answer your questions and also ask questions of you to find out what it is that will work in your situation. We have a design consultation service and if you bring pictures and measurements, we will help you make some decisions about your landscaping...for free (we do appreciate an appointment for that).  The nursery is beautiful, if you haven't been here, you need to come out.   

     I'm inspired this spring and I can't wait to start planting and to help you pick out some new plants for your garden!  Follow us on FB, watch for my blog (don't worry, I won't pop up every day, only about once a week) and also watch for our weekly Pretty Plant Promotion, posted every Monday morning.  It highlights whatever plant is looking great that week and we offer it at a discount if you mention you saw it on FB.  We also try to give you a head's up about disease and insect problems that you need to be on the lookout for, and if you have a specific question, just fire us a message and we will try to answer it for you.  We don't claim to know it all, but we do know a lot! Happy Spring from all of us here at Price Nurseries!

Off to hug the new tree that I've picked out to plant this spring.....Jodie

Twig Tips is an on-going blog by Price Nurseries' landscape designer Jodie Overmyer.  In it, she shares some of her observations and knowledge about residential landscaping but a word of warning - do as she says, not as she does in her own gardens!  


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