Twig Tips by Jodie

Posted on June 14, 2017 by jo



I was out and about yesterday and went to visit a homeowner who had purchased a lot of pretty plants and placed them in a bed between the sidewalk and her house.  It didn't look bad.  It had a nice variety of color and texture and looked nice  And tomorrow, and maybe the next year and the year after.  BUT some plants were used that are going to get big and either a LOT of pruning is going to have to be done in the future or they will be replacing the entire thing in 5-10 years.  That is a lot of money to be spent on a home improvement project that has to be re-done because of lack of planning and/or design.  Why do so many people landscape their homes this way?

I realize that I am prejudiced about this subject because, well, I AM a landscape designer.  And I have seen some of my mistakes get bigger and bigger over the years too.  Spacing is the #1 mistake that not only homeowners make but a lot of professionals get wrong too.  All of our landscape designs are drawn to scale for a reason.  It helps us know exactly where a plant needs to be planted so that it has enough room to grow.  When doing a design, I place the larger plants first, drawing the circles accordingly, giving them the room that they are going to need.  Then I fill in with ground cover and perennials, plants that are easy to move later when the bigger plants fill in. 

Your landscape planting is going to change every year.  Planning ahead can help those changes be much easier and less costly to make.  It breaks my heart to see a specimen tree planted too close to the house and/or other plants and have to be removed or cut back and have its beauty destroyed.  And you don't want to break my heart, do you?  So, come and see me...I will help you make informed decisions and put the right plant in the right place, which will save you time and money in the long run, I promise. 

Off to hug my tree, which is in the perfect spot with room to grow.....Jodie

Twig Tips is written by Price Nurseries' Jodie Overmyer.  This is an ongoing blog that will provide readers with professional advice, and ideas for the homeowner including caring for lawns, trees and landscaping needs.  Word of warning:  do as she writes in her posts, and not what she does in her own gardens. 




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