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Posted on April 1, 2019 by jo

About a Nursery..... 

Happy Spring to all, aren't we glad we made it through the Polar Vortex of 2019!  Maybe some of our plants didn't, that remains to be seen.  And if you need any replacements and/or additions to your landscaping, come and see us, we are here to help.  And that is what this first blog of the year is about....I want to tell you a story About a Nursery, and ask you as one of my readers to help get the word out that YES, we do sell retail, and we are here to help YOU!

Price Nurseries was founded in 1927 by Mr. Ray Price here in Plymouth, Indiana.  The original nursery was located on N. Michigan Street, where the CVS is now located and north from there.  I've circled it in green with the arrow in this photo, the other green circle is Ray's house which is now back in the park where Price Pond is located. The location of the pond itself is circled in blue. Back then, the only place you could buy a tree or a shrub was from a nurseryman, someone who was passionate about plants and decided to try to make a living at it.  In the early 70's, Ray's nephew Bob and another Plymouth resident, Bill Ellinger, took over the management of the business and then in 1990, it was purchased by the current owners, Jim Kenny, Tom McGee and Mark Goss, all three of whom had been working for Bob for a number of years as key employees.  The garden center in town was sold and the new nursery on King Road continued to grow.  Literally.  It now sells truckloads of plants to other nurseries, landscapers and garden centers in the midwest. There was a non-compete clause for a few years after the garden center was sold, but people found us out here on King Road and would stop by and ask us to please sell them some plants. Fast forward almost 30 years, we are still selling plants retail and we WANT to.  We don't advertise a lot, most of our retail business is by word of mouth and through our FB page. Our retail hours are M-F 8-4:30 and every Saturday in April and May til 4:30, just until noon for the rest of the season (through the end of October).   

Now, why should you buy plants from us?  Here are just a couple of reasons...

1) There is actually someone here to answer your questions!  And we know what we are talking about!  (most of the time, and if we don't know the answer, we know some folks that do...)

2) We have a great selection of trees and shrubs, in different sizes to suit your budget and vehicle (we can get a tree in your compact hatchback, yes we can!)

3) We offer a free design service if you bring good pics and measurements, let an expert help you decide what should go where...

4) All of the plants we sell have a warranty, and with good planting advise, we hope you don't even need it!

5) Last but not least, you will be supporting a local small business and that is definitely a good thing these days....

We hope to see many of you this spring and want to be the first place you think of when you need that new tree or shrub.  We get excited about helping people make the right choice, instead of watching their mistakes get bigger and bigger!

The right plant in the right place makes the difference between professional and amatuer landscape work.  If you aren't a professional, ask one!

Off to hug one of the beautiful trees that Jim has brought up out of the field for me to sell to you......Jodie





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