Price Nurseries' Tree of the Month-MARCH

Posted on March 24, 2017 by JO

This Cherry is a Dogwood!

    A Cherry that is really a Dogwood?  Huh?  Yes, it's true.  Our tree of the month, Cornelian Cherry, is really a Dogwood and it is SO confusing!  Cornelian Cherry Dogwood is a fabulous harbinger of spring, and can easily be mistaken for a forsythia in color and timing of bloom.  It is not a native dogwood but one brought over from Europe and it is more adaptable to various conditions than our dogwoods, which seem to struggle in cultivation at times.  While its flowers get the most attention, it has several other worthwhile attributes.  It has a very interesting form and can be used as a large shrub or multi-stem tree.  We often trim it into a espalier form and use against a dark definitely gets that "WOW" factor in the spring.  The bark is interesting, the leaves dark green and glossy and it's fruit (from which it derives its common name) are red and popular with some species of birds.  They show up in late summer but are not extremely showy unfortunately, they seem to get lost a bit behind the foliage.  What we love about this tree is its adaptability.  We treat our native dogwoods with kid gloves but this one adjust to most soil types and exposures.  It tolerates shade quite well and is a great understory tree.  We love our dogwoods and redbuds for this purpose, but we urge you to give this "Cherry" a try!


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