Price Nurseries Official Tree of the Month - OCTOBER

Posted on October 2, 2018 by jo

October Glory Maple

What else could this month's tree be?  It HAD to be the spectacular October Glory Maple.  This is a cultivar of our native Red Maple, along with many other named cultivars that you may be familar with...Red Sunset, Autumn Flame and the new Red Pointe.  All of them turn such a bright red, where as a native red maple might not be as dependable for fall color.  Red Maples will become good shade trees, they seem to be a bit slow growing and some have been crossed with Silver Maples to increase their growth rate.  The popular Autumn Blaze Maple is one of those crosses.  Red Maples prefer heavier soil and do not tolerate drought very well.  They fare well in lower spots in the yard or irrigated lawns that receive plenty of moisture.  Eventual height and width can be around 40'.  We have some very nice larger balled and burlapped specimens here at the nursery as well as smaller potted ones.  All Red Maples are 15% off during the month of October.  Come out and take a look while they are in their full "glory"!!!!!

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