Price Nurseries Official Tree of the Month - MAY

Posted on May 7, 2019 by jo

 Crabapples, There's One for Everybody!

Our Official Tree of the Month for May is the lovely Crabapple.  You just can NOT go wrong with this one!  They come in all shapes and sizes and several different colors and all they need is some sun and well-drained soil and you will have a dependable flowering tree for decades to come!   They have the fruit of course....the old varieties used to have fruit large enough to make jelly out of but they were messy and when they became more popular for landscape use, varieties were chosen that had smaller fruit, which can be red, orange and even yellow! And if you really dislike the idea of fruit, there are fruitless varieties too.  Most crabapples now are chosen for their resistance to disease and insect problems and are easy to grow.  Mature sizes can vary from 8' to 20', so choosing one that will be the size you want is important.  We are offering 15% off through the month of May on our Tree of the Month, so come in and see us and we will help you find one to suit your situation.  Spring would not be spring without the beauty that Crabapples bring to our community!

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