Price Nurseries Official Tree of the Month - JUNE

Posted on June 7, 2018 by jo

An Oriental Cousin

Our native dogwood, Cornus florida, has an oriental cousin called Kousa Dogwood (or Chinese Dogwood) that is our June Tree of the Month because it is totally an AWESOME tree and every landscape needs one!  What makes it awesome?  It has beautiful blooms that show up at least 3 weeks after our native dogwood and hang on for a very long time....this is during a time of the year when little else is blooming so they are really outstanding.  This is great for lake properties where homeowners don't arrive until the Memorial Day weekend.  The blooms usually start out white but pink up with age...a couple of varieties are pinker than others with 'Satomi' being the deepest color.  Fruiting is also interesting, the fruits look like giant rasberries and can be quite effective from late August through October. It develops a horizontal branching habit that is very distinctive.  The Kousa Dogwood is a bit tougher than its native cousin, tolerating drought a little better and resisting the nasty anthracnose disease that is seriously affecting dogwoods in the east.  We urge you to try a Kousa Dogwood, we have a nice selection of them and are offering them at a 15% discount through this month.  




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