Price Nurseries Official Tree of the Month - AUGUST

Posted on August 8, 2018 by jo

 Japanese Maples, Red or Green, These Gorgeous Trees Can Make a Scene!

The Price Nurseries Official Tree of the Month for August is one of the most popular ornamental trees used here in Indiana and for good reason...the lovely Japanese Maple comes in a variety of forms and is most well-known for its fabulous burgandy leaf color.  Many people are not aware that it also comes in several green forms which are equally as beautiful and have spectacular fall color.  There are too many varieties to mention but pictured is Bloodgood Japanese Maple, which can reach a height of 20-25'.  There are also some weeping types, such as Tamukeyama and Viridis that are slower growing and easily maintained at a smaller size.  Jap Maples prefer a sunny, protected location and adapt well to most soil conditions.  We have a great selection, offered at 15% off through the month of August. 



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